MALICE: The Webseries concerns the Turner family’s supernatural adventures in the house left to them by their late Grandma.  Dad – Nate Turner (Mark Hyde) has just returned from a combat tour in Afghanistan, reuniting with his recovering alcoholic wife Jesse (Leanna Chamish) and his two daughters Abbey 17 (Rebekkah Johnson) and Alice 16 (Brittany Martz). The whole family hopes that a change of venue, a new town, new home and new school will reboot their troubled lives.

No sooner do the Turners settle into their new home in a small Virginia town than strange and macabre events seemingly manifest from the very foundations of this old house.  Tensions increase as family members one at a time start to disappear.

It’s up to Alice – the youngest, with an active imagination – who must solve the mysteries of her family’s plight and survive the dangers emanating from the old property.

MALICE is an original series written for the web (where the audience is one mouse click away from distraction and boredom); tightly scripted, directed and produced for brisk story telling by Philip Cook – a veteran of independent genre films.

It stars Brittany Martz, Rebekkah Johnson, Mark Hyde, Leanna Chamish, and Matthew Gulbranson.



MALICE is a universe of endless story telling possibilities. Seasons One and Two have been completed. A compiled movie has been assembled. And seasons three and four have already been written and are currently in production. MALICE is is a rich tale that spans generations, adventures and diverse characters against a macabre backdrop of the fantastic.

Media development includes the possibility of a comic book series, video game, novels and long form episodic TV.

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